Secure Centralized Storage

Supports the diverse backup applications and data transmission protocols in TOS system, users can collect photos from mobile phones, computers, and network disks into Terra Photos for centralized management.

AI Recognition Batch Processing

Users can process photos in batches, each batch contains 500 photos. After restarting, it will continue from the batches that have not yet been identified which saves the processing time.

Add Batch Selection Function

Users can select multiple photos at once by selecting a photo first, then hold down the Shift key before clicking another photo, and all photos between the first photo and the second photo will be selected.

User Experience Improved

After indexing is complete, thumbnails can be displayed on Terra Photos as they are generated. The thumbnail loading speed is optimized from 100 milliseconds to 10 milliseconds, and the efficiency is increased by 10 times.

Diversified Sharing

Passwords and expiration dates can be set for shared links, as well as the number of times allowed access. Users can share multiple photos individually or the entire photo album and can set sharing permissions to allow who can add, delete and download photos.

Available Anytime and Anywhere

Paired with the and TNAS Mobile 3 app of the TOS system, users can easily achieve remote access and relive beautiful moments anytime, anywhere.

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